Essential Information for Design Plans

From coastal gardens to container gardens, informal to formal – a plan is crucial. The complexity of the plan depends upon a number of factors such as the gardens function, the owner’s requirements, high or low maintenance and budget. Paradoxically, as it may seem it is often better to spend the money initially and employ a qualified landscape architect or designer and thereby help you avoid wasting money through bad planning or inappropriate plant choice. Designs costs can often be reduced by providing the designer with as much information as possible beforehand and pictures are especially effective - even of things you dislike.

A design is great for visualisation, essential for budgeting.

At Property Solutions, we have the facility to design plans remotely and have devised a questionnaire that will help with the design brief. On completion, the design can be posted or even Emailed and if you want, we can quote for the landscape work.

Just get in contact with us and we’ll guide you through this simple process.

General Gardening Points

Remember the climate. It is no good planting Queen Palms in areas of high wind and frost. Use your neighbour’s garden as your guide. If it flourishes next door, there is good chance it will do the same with you provided you look after it.

Drainage and soil type. Clay soils tend to have drainage issues while sandy soils will have the opposite so take the appropriate action. Prepare the ground well and you will give the plants the best possible chance for survival.

When planning a BBQ area or swimming pool, remember to include lighting to helpwith the ambience of the area. Use lights to emphasise changes in levels that may be dangerous or to highlight particular garden specimens. We design and install lights using the ‘Hunza’ range: check out the website  for more details and contact us for a no obligation quote.

Need some specific advice? Why not Email us with your question and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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