Landscape & Irrigation Design Service.

Computer Generated Plans - Vectorworks

Grant creates the landscape plans using the Vectorworks computer programme. Because he has a Plant Nursery background and maintains gardens everyday he has practical solutions for your section, not just a quick fix.

Things you need to consider and note down to discuss with Grant when he creates a plan for you are:

  1. How low maintenance do you require your section
  2. Colours of plants, timbers, pavers etc
  3. What is the budget you have in mind
  4. What areas you wish to create

There are several advantages of computer generated plans over hand drawn plans:

  •  Often quicker to produce as plans can be downloaded direct from Surveyor or Architect with areas and gradients already worked out
  •  Easy to alter as no need to re draw plans
  •  As individual areas are quantified, you have all completion costs at your fingertips

  •  Pull out particular parts of the plan and complete as the budget allows

Call Grant for more information ph. 021 244 8154 or after hours 03 540 2058

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