+++  Irrigation Doctor +++

Your irrigation system is a valuable asset so why not maximise that with regular maintenance and make sure the system is working properly for you.
Are you aware that an automated irrigation system can save you up to 60% of your annual water usage.
If your annual water bill for irrigation is $1000 per year then that is up to $600... wow...   
Are you having problems with your irrigation controller?
The most common calls we get about controllers are:
  • having difficulty understanding the language used in the controller manuals
  • flat batteries
  • how to set the time and date
  • the relationship between the controller and the rain switch
 Does your irrigation need a 'check up' ? 
Your sprinklers and pipes often need repairing, moving or extending due to:
  • being dug up, cut or squashed 
  • lawn sprinklers having their heads 'amputated' by the mower, 
  • bowel blockage in your nozzles - may need filters
  • grass roots growing into the top of the sprinkler heads
  • incorrect water coverage- need change of sprinkler types,more sprinklers or need to increase the zones
  • or you may want to establish new areas or renovate old ones


+ Irrigation Doctor installs new:
  • residential
  • commercial
  • and industrial irrigation systems

+ Irrigation Doctor  repairs many irrigation brands. 

+ Toro   + Hunter   + Nelson    + Rainbird    + NaanDanJain    + Netafirm    + Irritrol    + Bermad  to name a few.

   + Irrigation Doctor  are the Nelson Agency for 'Toro Irrigation Products'.
 Their product range includes controllers, pipes and sprinkler systems that are designed for manual systems ranging through to
fully automated systems.
Grant James and Don Schwass are the Irrigation Doctors++

And yes they do:

  • House Calls
  • and 'Annual System Checkups' 

so please contact Grant on 0800 IRRIGATION  (0800 47 74 42) 



Here's a Sample of the Toro Irrigation Systems that we have used for our customers:

'Think Irrigation; Think   +++Irrigation Doctor'+++
If you would like a no-obligation quote to install Irrigation at your place click here.
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