Residential and Commercial Property, Garden & Lawn Maintenance

The natural life of the average garden in New Zealand is seven years. After that most plants will still be happy to grow but will get either overgrown, too dense and produce deadwood inside or just need a good tidy up. There are not many plants that just grow to the size stated on the label either, so most trees and shrubs you plant in your garden will grow too big for the gap you gave them originally.
Because Grant and Alyson have a plant background they know how to prune your shrubs and trees to maintain the natural shape of each plant and at the same time reducing down the foliage area to fit within your section. Also they are able to identify bug and disease problems before they become a big issue.

Why not get Grant in regularly to keep the whole garden looking great, remove all rubbish and lawn clippings taking the stress away and giving you some spare time to enjoy your property. 

Call Grant James on 021 244 8154 or after hours 03 540 2058 if you would like help with

  • Pruning Roses, Fruit Trees & Deciduous Trees
  • Pruning deadwood out of trees and shrubs
  • Bug and Weed Spraying to gardens and lawns
  • Pruning and Thinning shrubs & trees especially hedges to let winter sun in
  • Repotting tub plants and root pruning
  • Water blasting
  • Moss Control paths and decks reducing slipping during cool, wet months - Wet and Forget.
  • Mulching and compost  those areas that need weed control, are deficient in nutrients or to keep moisture in
  • Irrigation installation and check up
    o Nozzles keep blocking- need filters?
    o Choosing specific irrigation sprinklers to suit area to be watered and water pressure available
    o Controller problems or controller installation
    o Rain-water systems

Ask for a 'set price' for the work each week or month to help with your budget.

If you would like a no-obligation quote for Property & Garden Maintenance at your place click here



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