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Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Grant creates the landscape plans using the Vectorworks computer programme. Because he has a Plant Nursery background and maintains gardens everyday he has practical solutions for your section, not just a quick fix.

Landscaping Landscaping / Project Managing
Property Solutions offers a full landscape service from Landscape Design through to the Completed Landscape Project throughout the Nelson/Golden Bay Region.
Irrigation Irrigation
ToroProperty Solutions installs new residential, commercial and industrial irrigation systems and repairs many irrigation brands. Toro, Hunter, Nelson, Rainbird, NaanDanJain, Netafirm and Irritrol to name a few.
Maintenance Property & Garden Maintenance
Maintenance is the answer to long-term landscape rewards. It goes hand in hand with landscaping and irrigation. Weeding, trimming, selected pruning, mowing and lawn maintenance, seasonal planting, irrigation system and astroturf maintenance are all done with your privacy and enjoyment of the landscape in mind.
Crop protection

Kanga Loader Hire
As a separate service, Property Solutions has a Kanga Loader for hire, along with 3 sizes of Augers, a levelling bar, 4-in-1 bucket, Chain Trencher and a Harley Rake.

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