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Over the course of a year, Property Solutions complete a wide range of projects. On this page we would like to highlight particular jobs and show you each stage of the job, from Concept to Completion.

David and Alex Wyatt, Pohara, Golden Bay.

The Brief:
To provide privacy, structure and tidy the whole area immediately round the entire house to make access easier and safer.
The components:

  • Front Entrance/ Courtyard
  • Rock Steps and pathway
  • Front Fence and Gate

1. The Front Entrance/Courtyard

This was a very important area to makeover. The Wyatts had an existing layer of gravel that had been down a while and they were really tiring of tracking the dust and dirt around. This was the first impression people had of their lovely home and they wanted to make it a nice welcome for friends and family. The area also doubled as a sheltered courtyard for seating when windy.

The front entrance "before" shot.

Flagstone pavers were chosen for the entrance area to compliment the house colour.

The laying process, from cutting, laying and mortaring the edging.

And to the completed product.

2. Rock Steps and Pathway
To gain safe and easy access around the entire property, we built in 2 sets of rock steps at opposite ends of the house to ease the gradient of the land and timber edged paths.

Before the makeover.

The construction phase includes placing the rocks, building the timber edge and spreading the dolomite chip as a finished layer for the path.

And to the completed steps and paths.

3. Front Fence and Gate
The 2 big issues here were Privacy and Ellie, the Wyatt’s wee Bichon Frise dog could run straight out on to the road.

The front entrance way was completely exposed to all passers by and there were plaster pillars already in place to give the initial structure of the fence.

Powder-coated corrugated color steel was used for the panels for the following reasons:

  • Would withstand the gusty easterly winds that occasionally occur at the site.
  • Strong Nelson sunlight will not deteriorate the quality of the panels.
  • The panel colour could be matched with the house roof colour, and window frames complimenting each other nicely.

The before shots showing the existing plastering pillars.

Installing the fence panels.

The finished product.

To Grant and The ‘A’ Team,
It has certainly been a long hard week for you all, but rest assured we are absolutely thrilled with the end result.
Your physical and artistic endeavours, not to mention your great natural design style has not gone unnoticed.
I have enjoyed your company, help and advice & especially appreciated you all working as ateam with not a swear word (in ear shot).
You have replaced bad building memories with a positive, enjoyable and glowing result for our home and garden.
We can’t wait to get planting to show your expertise off to the max.

Alex and David

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