Project Before & After Photos

Project: Privacy screening swimming pool area at the same time softening swimming pool fence.

Plants Chosen: Leptospermum Copper Sheen and Dodonea purpurea (large grade) as they are a low maintenance hedge and the colour contrasted with the fence and house nicely.


Project: Shady garden wall, where half the garden only received rain water

Plants chosen in the end:  Meryta sinclairii (Puka), Hebe, Pseudopanax, Choisya and Libertia

Problems encountered: 

  • Drier at the back of the garden and wet at the front hence a greater chance of Thrip and Mite attacks on plants at back of garden.
  •  Lavenders and Bergenias died out at front of garden because they were too wet and also more short term plants. 
  • Camellia at back of garden dried out too much and replaced with Pseudopanax that copes better in the drier soil. 


Project: Plant a colourful garden that is flowering most of the year

Plants chosen:  Anigozanthus ( Kangaroo Paws 3 colours) and Strelitzia reginea

Problems encountered: 

  • Very hot and sunny during the warmer months and exposed to the Southwesterly drying winds
  • Exposed to cold Southwesterly wind in the winter producing wind chill colder than actual temperature. Kangaroo Paws and Strelitzia marginal in these cold conditions. They like more moderate conditions ideally.
  •  Massive families of snails enjoying the garden as well stunting kangaroo paws growth. Have to put slug bait around all year round. 


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